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Aasia Hamid, Slade Graves, JoAnn Augur, and Dale Andress!

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Aasia Hamid Aasia has always been an art lover, played with different mediums of art all her life, from pottery to stained glass to fused glass. Making jewelry has been her passion since 2003. She found beads as her new painting palette. Beadwork is the art of attaching beads to one another by sewing them with a beading needle and fishing line thread. Beads are available in many different designs, sizes, colors, shapes and material allowing much variation among bead artists and projects. She incorporates different stitches such as peyote, right angle weave, herringbone and many more to create dramatic jewelry. Each piece is meticulously handmade and some may take up to several weeks to complete. She loves to add texture and color in her creations. Variations of bead weaving are endless and the results are beautiful. Aasia works from her home studio and each piece is handmade by her. Her studio is like a candy store. In her opinion, jewelry should be an ideal finishing touch to any women’s outfit. Her pieces are a combination of traditional and contemporary designs from simple to exquisite.

Slade Graves is a self-proclaimed “idea” person.  One of her best ideas was to pursue a professional career in painting.  Her current work is the culmination of
25 years experience in figurative drawing, painting, and lithography.  Slade received her BA from ASU in Tempe Arizona. She is primarily self taught – her most valuable education has been through observation and experimentation. Slade’s art has been reviewed in Art News and shown at galleries throughout the United States (New Jersey, Texas, Alexandria Va., Buffalo, N.Y., Scottsdale, Santa fe, Baltimore, and Naples Florida).  The work is also in collections in Iceland and Italy.


JoAnn Augur began pursuing her passion for art after a successful early career as a young executive with a public company. JoAnn studied oil painting and charcoal with several prominent artists in Chicago and later in Arizona pursued more advanced development at the Scottsdale Art Institute over a period covering seven years. She also became involved with the San Francisco Institute of Art and studied under teachers there as well as in an affiliated program in Southern France. Her work is regularly exhibited in galleries, hotels, and art shows. Over time, her work has expanded to encompass acrylic, oil and pastels, and her emphasis is on intriguing combinations of color and composition that compel the viewer’s eye and concentration to be drawn into the painting. JoAnn teaches art in the Phoenix area and is also a certified & enthusiastic yoga instructor! She loves life and people and is deeply involved in many areas of her community. Her zest for life comes through in all her work.

Dale Andress received his BFA in Graphic Design from NAU. Dale is an artist with work experience in metal fabrication, process and manufacturing engineering, civil engineering and risk management. In his youth he was a garbage picker. He’d drag things home, tear them apart, sometimes just to see how they work, sometimes to put them back together in a different form. In high school Dale’s parents were scratching their heads wondering why anyone would build a wall out of empty beer cans or make a couch out of a clawfoot bathtub, but they went with it. In college he majored in graphic design. Dale took a 3D design class and was hooked. Working with his hands and seeing creations formed from raw materials, that he could never accomplish in the 2D world, was where he found direction for his artistic endeavors.